Formularz dla Sędziów (Design)

Alongside the beer, cider, and mead competitions, which assess the taste qualities of the products, we are organizing a design competition for the alcohol industry, focusing on evaluating packaging and other graphic elements that identify these products. We invite breweries, cideries, and meaderies, as well as creative agencies and graphic designers to participate. In this contest, we will assess labels, packaging, and promotional gadgets based on creativity, execution, innovation, ergonomics, functionality, marketing, ecological aspects, and compliance with regulations. If you are professionally involved in graphics, design, printing, or packaging production and would like to join our judging panel, let us know! This is a fantastic opportunity to build your personal brand in your industry and embark on a great adventure!

Greater Poland Judges – What we offer?

  • Social evening with craft beers in one of Poznań’s venues,

  • Access to drinks (beer, coffee, tea, water) and a small snack during the judging,

  • Gift set and selected spirits,

  • Judges are also invited with their accompanying persons to the Poznań Beer Fair Beer Expo and Hempathy Expo, which will take place on 15-16 November 2024! The final gala of the Competition will also take place during PTP&HE.